Yamaha ATV UTV axles, Complete shafts, 400-450cc Fitment Table TrakMotive


400-450cc Fitment Table

Trakmotive axles are designed to be the highest quality, most reliable and toughest ATV & UTV OEM replacement type axles available Every axle is made with 100% new parts and meets or exceeds OEM specs. Our axles are available for all makes and most models of ATV-UTV/side by side. The axles on this page, fit Yamaha ATV's and UTV's, 400-450cc, Front axles, rear axles, Left or right, you will find them here.

Our Axles feature:

  • Heat Treated and precision machined solid steel center shafts
  • Assembled with High-quality neoprene dust boots & stainless steel clamps
  • Heat-treated , machine ground cages, races & bearings
  • High-strength spring steel retaining clips (when required)
  • All attaching hardware included (where required)
  • Fully assembled for a quick and easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty



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400-450cc Fitment Table

**Right & left is determined from sitting on the ATV**







YFM400 Big Bear 4x4

2006-2002 n/a YAM-7021 YAM-7021 Front
2001-2000 n/a YAM-7002 YAM-7002 Front

YFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x4

2012-2007 n/a YAM-7018 YAM-7020 Front
2012-2007 n/a YAM-7027 YAM-7028 Rear

YFM400 Grizzly 4x4 Auto

2009 n/a YAM-7027 YAM-7028 Rear
2009 n/a YAM-7018 YAM-7020 Front
2008-2007 n/a YAM-7013 YAM-7013 Front
2008-2007 n/a YAM-7011 YAM-7011 Rear

YFM400F Kodiak 4x4

2006-2005 n/a YAM-7011 YAM-7011 Rear
2006-2003 n/a YAM-7013 YAM-7013 Front
2002-2000 n/a YAM-7020 YAM-7020 Front
1999 n/a YAM-7002 YAM-7002 Front
1998-1993 n/a YAM-7012 YAM-7012 Front

YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto

2011-2008 n/a YAM-7018 YAM-7020 Front
2010-2007 n/a YAM-7011 YAM-7011 Rear
2007 n/a YAM-7007 YAM-7008 Front

YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto EPS

2011 n/a YAM-7018 YAM-7020 Front

YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto IRS

2010-2009 n/a YAM-7018 YAM-7020 Front
2010-2009 n/a YAM-7011 YAM-7011 Rear

YFM450F Kodiak Auto 4x4

2006-2003 n/a YAM-7007 YAM-7008 Front
2006-2005 n/a YAM-7011 YAM-7011 Rear

YFM450FX Wolverine 4x4

2010-2006 Sport YAM-7013 YAM-7013 Front

YXR45F Rhino 450

2009-2006 n/a YAM-7017 YAM-7019 Front
2009-2006 n/a YAM-7023 YAM-7024 Rear