Polaris ATV/ UTV CV Axles for sale-Trakmotive

Shop for Polaris ATV UTV CV axles for RZR, Ranger,  Sportsman, General, Trail boss , scrambler and many more.

Polaris ATV/UTV/ side by side cv axles for most models. High quality OEM replacement type axles are up to 20% stronger that OEM , at a fraction of the cost.

Trakmotive OE replacement axles withstand all types of riding conditions.  Engineered to provide durability, performance and ease of installation at a fraction of the cost of OE axles.

All TrakMotive ATV axles  are 100% brand new and manufactured in a
state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949:2009 facility.

All Trakmotive CV Axles are a highly engineered constant velocity axle (also called half-shaft, CV axle , CV shaft) that transmit power out to the wheels. CV axles are meant to move and flex with the ATV suspension to keep the tires on the ground in all kinds of uneven terrain.  CV Axles are constantly moving and articulating causing normal wear. When a CV Axle starts to wear, there are signs to be aware of before the CV axle fails. These symptoms are usually a clicking noise or a thumping sound when under acceleration or slowing. If you are hearing or notice any of these symptoms, it is probably time for an OE replacement CV axle from Trakmotive.

Trakmotive is also a leading manufacturer of CV Axles for  automotive CV axle applications.

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Suzuki ATV UTV side by side Trakmotive CV axles