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Trakmotive ATV/UTV CV Axles

Kingdom Powersports offers new Trakmotive ATV /UTV CV Axles for Polaris , Yamaha, Can-Am, John Deere, Kubota , Suzuki, Kymco, Honda . Save hundreds of dollars over buying OEM axles.  All new construction, complete CV axles make installation very quick and easy.  You have come to the right place to buy OEM type replacement CV axles for all makes and models of ATV, UTV side by side. Axles are what we do.

 Trakmotive axles are the best quality aftermarket axles on the market with precision machined and heat treated cages, races and ball bearings.  To increase performance and the lifespan of the axles, Trakmotive axles feature a solid chrome steel center shaft , that is UP to 20% stronger than OEM CV Axles. High quality neoprene CR rubber boots, with stainless steel boot clamps.  Axles come with all hardware for a quick and easy installation.

CV axles (constant velocity joint) play a vital role in delivering power from your ATV/UTV engine to the ground. Operating in extreme conditions, CV axles need to be able to move and flex in all kinds of  uneven terrain .

With all of the features and advantages , there is no need to search ATV salvage yards or buy Used OEM axles.  What you need is right here. We also off most axles in a heavy duty version. The HD axles are up to 35% stronger than OEM axles and are still much less expensive than standard OEM axles.  If you are interested in the HD line of ATV CV axles, please contact us for price and availability.

Kingdom Powersports now offers MSA , KMC wheels and EFX tires for ATV and UTV? side by side applications. 

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Ways to determine if your ATV-UTV CV axle is worn.

When you feel a vibration in your ride, this could mean that you should take note to check the axle.  This vibration could be other things such as a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.  Increase the speed and if it becomes worse, that is probably the case.  However, if you have checked the tires and that wasn't it.  The next step should be checking the play on the outer and inner joints.  This could be a sign that the CV joints are worn.  

Another common sign that you might need to replace your axle is if you have a buzzing or clunking sound when you put it into gear.  To test put the ATV-UTV in reverse and turn the wheel all the way to one side and do circles.  If it starts making noise, then you have found a bad CV axle.

We offer the best aftermarket ATV-UTV axles that will save you a ton of money.  These axles are designed to exceed OEM axles , at a fraction of the cost.  All of our axles are easy to find on the site as we have them by make, model, and year so that you know that the ATV-UTV axle that you purchase will fit the vehicle you will be working on.  

Do a Pre-ride inspection

Diagnosing your worn axle before it actually breaks will save you a lot of time and walking.  There is nothing worse than taking your ATV-UTV out on  the trail only to break down, miles away from your truck.  Before heading out on the trails, do a little pre-ride check.  Check the tires, the oil, and your axle.  Inspect the joints and make sure nothing is leaking.  Be sure to check the rubber CV boots as well.  Ripped CV boots are the leading cause of CV axle failures.

If you have found our page because you have decided that you need a new ATV-UTV axle, welcome!  We have a huge selection of aftermarket ATV-UTV axles to choose from.


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