What are the symptoms of a failing ATV or UTV CV Axle?

How do you know if your CV axle is worn out and needs to be replaced? There are 5 common ways to determine if you need a new axle.

1. You hear popping or clicking noises when turning.

- to Verify this, put the ATV in reverse, then turn the handlebars all the way one way , then drive in a circle. If the noise get louder , it is time to replace the axle.


2. You hear and/or feel a clunk when accelerating, slowing down or when you shift the transmission in to any gear.

-To verify this, put the atv in reverse and back the atv up ,vary the speed up and downif the noise gets louder or more pronounced, it is time to replace the axle.


3. A humming or buzzing sound

-This is usually more the sound of a bad wheel bearing , but can also be a sign that there is insufficient grease in one or both of the CV joints. A rip in the CV boot is usually the cause of not enough lubrication .


4. You feel a vibration on acceleration .

-This can be caused by play in the inner or outer joints, but it is usually a worn out inner joint.


5. A vibration that increases with speed.

-This symptom is not usually due to a worn out CV axle, rather it is usually caused by a tire that is out of balance or a bent wheel.


If you determine you need a new axle, scroll back up to the top of this page.With our search menu, you can quickly and accurately look up the axle for your ATV or UTV.