What is a CV Axle

CV Axle is one of the most common things to discuss in the ATV/UTV world. If you own an ATV or two, you would have probably heard this several times. But just like many other ATV/UTV owners, you might still be wondering if you have known the real definition of the CV axle.

The CV axle is the key to the motion transfers from the ATV transmission to the wheels. In this case, CV axles are more prevalent for front-wheel-drive vehicles. But it is also prevalent for rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles as well.

The CV Axle in the front-wheel-drive vehicle is installed to help the ATV/UTV bring transmission directly to the wheels. The simple straight axle won’t cut for it because the driver will turn the wheels to the right and left. That’s why Constant Velocity joints will come as a great solution to the problem. Thanks to these joints, the transmission is distributed in the front wheels without any hassle. This allows the driver of the ATV/UTV to make particular angles and axle movements. In practice, this feature is what allows front-wheel-drive vehicles to make U-turns effectively.

CV Axle has a very hard job to do. It must be durable, sturdy, and resilient, moreover if the vehicles are used routinely. And just like any other automotive part, it has a lifespan. There will be a time when you need to replace your CV axle in the future. When the CV axle goes bad, you will want to replace or repair it quickly before something worse would happen. How to know if you are experiencing symptoms of a bad CV axle.

When you turn your vehicle, you might be hearing some clicking sounds which elevate along with the increased speed of the vehicle. The other sign to see is the grease that resides inside your tire. And then, you can feel the vibration when you speed up your vehicle. This can also be the sign.

In common cases, the failing CV joints can still support the transmission for a while. Some can last for weeks, some can even last for months. Some owners prolong the failing CV joints usage to save more money. But here is the thing. The problem will get worse when you leave it untreated. And it will put the other components at risk. If your CV axle has been failing, the best thing to do is to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. We offer affordable prices, find your make and model and purchase a Trakmotive ATV/UTV CV axle today!