2011-2017 John Deere Gater XUV 625i 825i 855D M-Gator Front Left CV axle shaft TrakMotive JDR-7002


  • 10500



You are purchasing a new, complete and fully assembled ATV CV axle. Each axle is complete with inner and outer CV or universal  joints and boots. Also included are all nuts, pins and washers for a quick , easy installation.

  • Axle location: Front left

Trakmotive OE replacement axles withstand all types of riding conditions.  Engineered to provide durability, performance and ease of installation at a fraction of the cost of OE axles.

All TrakMotive ATV axles  are 100% brand new and manufactured in a
state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949:2009 facility.

All Trakmotive CV Axles are a highly engineered constant velocity axle (also called half-shaft, CV axle , CV shaft) that transmit power out to the wheels. CV axles are meant to move and flex with the ATV suspension to keep the tires on the ground in all kinds of uneven terrain.  CV Axles are constantly moving and articulating causing normal wear. When a CV Axle starts to wear, there are signs to be aware of before the CV axle fails. These symptoms are usually a clicking noise or a thumping sound when under acceleration or slowing. If you are hearing or notice any of these symptoms, it is probably time for an OE replacement CV axle from Trakmotive.

This part number is a complete, fully assembled CV axle with both the inner and outer CV /U joints as shown in the picture above.  The picture is an actual picture of this part number and can be used for a visual reference. 


Our Axles feature:

  • Heat Treated and precision machined solid steel center shafts
  • Assembled with High-quality neoprene dust boots & stainless steel clamps
  • Heat-treated , machine ground cages, races & bearings
  • High-strength spring steel retaining clips (when required)
  • All attaching hardware included (where required)
  • Fully assembled for a quick and easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

 Do you need help locating the PIN or VIN on your John Deere gator? Click here for HELP.

This axle will fit the  the following John Deere models


Gator XUV 625i 4x4 2011-2017 Front Left
Gator XUV 825E 2018 Front Left
Gator XUV 825i 4x4 2011-2017 Front Left
Gator XUV 825i 4x4 S4 2013-2017 Front Left
Gator XUV 825M 2018 Front Left
Gator XUV 825M S4 2018 Front Left
Gator XUV 855D 4x4 Diesel 2011-2017 Front Left
Gator XUV 855D 4x4 Diesel S4 2013-2017 Front Left
Gator XUV 855E 2018 Front Left
Gator XUV 855M 2018 Front Left
Gator XUV 855M S4 2018 Front Left
M-Gator (A2) 2011, 2013 Front Left
M-Gator (A3) 2012-2018 Front Left
M-Gator (A3-T) 2015-2018 Front Left

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