2012-2017 John Deere Gator RSX 850i 860i Rear Right CV axle shaft TrakMotive JDR-7012


  • 10500



This part number is a complete, fully assembled CV axle with both the inner and outer CV /U joints as shown in the picture above.  The picture is an actual picture of this part number and can be used for a visual reference. 


Our Axles feature:

  • Heat Treated and precision machined solid steel center shafts
  • Assembled with High-quality neoprene dust boots & stainless steel clamps
  • Heat-treated , machine ground cages, races & bearings
  • High-strength spring steel retaining clips (when required)
  • All attaching hardware included (where required)
  • Fully assembled for a quick and easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty


This axle will fit the  the following John Deere models


2012-2015 John Deere UTV RSX 850i Gator Rear Right
2012-2015 John Deere UTV RSX 850i Sport Gator Rear Right
2012-2015 John Deere UTV RSX 850i Trail Gator Rear Right
2016-2017 John Deere UTV RSX 860i Gator Rear Right

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